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Solar-Powered Mobile Library

Our Solar-Powered Mobile Library is a unique Education for Sustainable Development tool that leverages a combination of clean energy and youth stewardship to provide education to out of school children, especially girls in an ultra-conservative and poverty-stricken community. The mobile library consists of a solar-powered van full of books, a seating space, with lights and fan that provide children a safe space to study even in bad weather. The van travels from village to village with our primarily female youth members from within the community who have been trained by us. They not only distribute books to children, they also read them out and conduct story-telling sessions for young learners or those who cannot read.

Solar-Powered E-STEM Education

Green Hope Foundation is providing e-STEM education to the migrant children, especially the girls, of the Rann of Kutch by building a solar-powered computer lab that provides them with e-STEM education to empower them to become changemakers in their own spheres of influence, which, in turn, will enable them to have a better quality of life and protect the planet at the same time. Our members from across the world connect with the children through the computers to provide them with environmental STEM education, which they then implement in their local community.

Solar Streetlights

Safe spaces are a basic human right. Hence, we have installed solar streetlights in rural communities globally to provide women & girls the safety & freedom to come out of their homes in the evenings.


Our solution, agrovoltaics, provides food security, creates green jobs and improves the socio-economic conditions of marginalized rural communities in LDCs that have been disproportionately impacted by land degradation, incorporating the dual use of land for both agriculture and for energy that relieves pressure on ecosystems and biodiversity. It provides an effective, efficient and innovative solution to the competition for land use through the creation of synergies between renewable energies and agriculture, while promoting sustainable rural development.

Distributing Solar Cookers

As part of Green Hope Foundation Women's Health Initiative, we have distributed solar cookers to the women & girls of a rural community in Western India. Previously, these women & girls used to burn firewood to cook, which negatively impacted their health, causing severe respiratory illnesses. Now, these solar cookers are improving their health tremendously. The solar cookers have the additional benefit of being climate-smart, which is reducing pollution levels in their village & aid in the creation of a net-zero circular economy.

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