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We provide a range of services that benefit the economy, society and environment to enable stakeholders to implement their sustainability goals.

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Sustainability Consulting

We assist a diverse spectrum of educational institutions, corporate sectors and government entities in assessing their carbon impact, increasing employee awareness, developing a zero carbon strategy, and deliver programs that enhance stakeholder engagement to achieve ESG targets.

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Carbon Offsetting

We offer a wide range of unique and innovating

carbon offsetting programs, encompassing corporates, educational institutions

and communities, directed towards mitigating biodiversity loss, pollution and climate change impacts in the world’s most vulnerable


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Trainings & Academies

Our award winning “Sustainability Academy” delivers tailored content that leverages innovative communication methods and STEM learning to effectively engage all audiences and age groups.

These are delivered in-person, virtual and/or

in hybrid mode.

Carbon Offsetting Services

Green Hope Foundation Adopt A Tree Sapling

Adopt a
Tree Sapling

USD 10

Your donation supports reforestation programs and helps in reversing land degradation and rebuilding livelihoods for rural, marginalized communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America. By adopting 20 saplings every year, you can significantly offset your carbon footprint.


Sponsor a
Solar Panel

Contact us for costs

Support our clean energy programs that reduce food and water insecurity through climate-smart agriculture, and power homes and schools that assist in rebuilding better.

An array of 5 solar panels

can help us power a

school for

100 children.

Green Hope Foundation Mangrove Planting India.jpg

Adopt a
Mangrove Sapling

USD 25 

Mangrove ecosystems are the first lines of defence for coastal communities. Their depletion is aggravating the threats from climate change. By supporting mangrove plantings, you will achieve the dual purpose of offsetting your carbon impacts and mitigating

climate change.

Green Hope Foundation Solar-Powered Mobile Library 1.png

Sponsor a
Mobile Library

Contact us for costs

Help us take education

to the doorstep of

millions of out-of-school children.

Our solar-powered mobile library project

currently provides

200,000 children

with books and

literacy skills.

Green Hope Foundation Sponsor A Solar Lamp

Sponsor a
Solar Lamp

USD 50

Help to light up homes in some of the world’s most under-developed communities that have no access to grid electricity. This directly assists in supporting gender equality by improving safety of women and girls,

enabling them to

study at night.

Green Hope Foundation Grow Your Own Food

Support Our 'Grow Your Own Food' Program
USD 500

Support our 'Grow Your Own Food' programme that enables local communities grow their own food. This initiative assists in the creation of local circular economies while fostering environmental stewardship. A donation of $500 will help one family grow their own food for a year.

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