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A Clean Energy Solution for Food Security

Green Hope Foundation Agrovoltaics Installation
Green Hope Foundation Agrovoltaics Organic Farming Planting

Our solution, agrovoltaics, provides food security, creates green jobs and improves the socio-economic conditions of marginalized rural communities in LDCs that have been disproportionately impacted by land degradation. It provides an effective, efficient and innovative solution to the competition for land use through the creation of synergies between renewable energies and agriculture, while promoting sustainable rural development and the protection of biodiversity and the ecosystem.


1.     It incorporates the dual use of land for both agriculture and for energy that relieves pressure on ecosystems and biodiversity.

2.     It elevates marginalized communities out of poverty, providing food security as well as a steady source of revenue from farming, that is not dependant on the weather.

This clean tech solution has now been upscaled to rural communities suffering from climate impacts and land degradation in Bangladesh, India and Liberia.


Total impact: 95,000 and counting

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