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Blue Water


Installing Deep-Bore Tube Wells

To resolve water insecurity, we have installed deep-bore tube wells in the villages of Bangladesh. Prior to this installation, children, women and the elderly used to die from mysterious diseases caused by drinking contaminated water. Through the installation of these deep-bore tube wells, Green Hope Foundation has been able to provide them with clean, arsenic free water. 

Sustainable Irrigation Systems

We have installed sustainable, solar-powered irrigation systems that enable farmers to resolve water insecurity in their communities.

Building Toilets

We have built toilets that ensure the proper hygiene and sanitation of the people in the rural communities of Bangladesh, especially the women and girls, who previously faced the risk of snake bites and trafficking when they went to relieve themselves in the fields at night. These toilets now also contribute to the creation of safe spaces for them. 

Creating Sanitation Stations

Green Hope Foundation has set up sanitation stations in rural Bangladesh, distributing water drums & soaps to the women in these vulnerable communities to educate them about the importance of hand washing & sanitation. These stations have been instrumental in controlling the spread of COVID-19 in their communities.

Installing Rainwater Harvesting Systems

We have installed rainwater harvesting systems in rural Bangladesh that the people of these communities can utilize the excess water that comes from the continuous rainfall in villages for drinking water.

Distributing Biodegradable Water Containers

We have distributed biodegradable water containers for storing water to rural youth in Kenya, so that the children, who usually had to trek half a day to collect water, do not have to miss school to bring water for their families. 

Green Hope Foundation Biodegradeable Water Containers.jpg

Making Sanitary Napkins for SRHR

Access to menstrual hygiene and awareness is a basic human right. It also forms an integral part of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Hence, we, at Green Hope Foundation, are making sanitary napkins for the women of vulnerable, rural communities who do not have access to SRHR or menstrual hygiene.

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