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Work Desk


Solar-Powered Sewing School

Our Academy of Hope for Women and Girls in rural Bangladesh functions as a sewing school for women and girls in the evenings to provide them with vocational training so that they can have a stable source of income. Through our sewing classes, we teach them about the importance of sustainable fashion & upcycling old clothes for a sustainable future.

Providing Green Jobs through Agrovoltaics

Our solution, agrovoltaics, provides food security, creates green jobs and improves the socio-economic conditions of marginalized rural communities in LDCs that have been disproportionately impacted by land degradation, incorporating the dual use of land for both agriculture and for energy that relieves pressure on ecosystems and biodiversity. It provides an effective, efficient and innovative solution to the competition for land use through the creation of synergies between renewable energies and agriculture, while promoting sustainable rural development through the creation of green jobs, which, in turn, helps create a local circular bioeconomy.

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