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GHF FAO Science and Innovation Forum Side Event

Date: 12th October 2022
Time: 11am ET

This side event will showcase a success story of how Agrovoltaics, a clean energy technology innovation has been successfully adapted to a marginalised rural society of a Least Developed Country, to resolve food security, creating green jobs for women that has led to gender equality and rural women’s empowerment , while mitigating the impacts of climate change. It will also discuss the learnings and challenges and the enablers required in terms of policy and intersectional collaboration to replicate and scale to other regions.


Introduction by moderator Kehkashan Basu MSM, Founder-President of Green Hope Foundation

Remarks by panelists:

1. Maria Fernanda Espinosa – Senior Fellow, Robert Bosch Academy
2. Dr. Iyad Abumoghli – Director – UNEP’s Faith for Earth Initiative
3. Representative from IFAD
4. Woman farmer from rural Bangladesh


Concluding remarks from panelists and moderator

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