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Wild Flowers


Tree Planting

At Green Hope Foundation, we witness everyday how tree planting aids in achieving land degradation neutrality and supporting life on land. That is why we have planted over one million indigenous fruit trees across the world, particularly with children and women in vulnerable communities, to reforest degraded land, reduce soil erosion and empower the local communities to become environmental stewards.

Grow Your Own Food Campaign

Our Green Hope Foundation Grow Your Own Food Campaign is led by our Children's Board members, where we promote the importance of sustainable use of land for growing fruits and vegetables in homes and schools. Through this campaign, children are able to create local circular bio-economies by learning about how to tend to the land responsibly, whereby they grow their own food on their balconies, backyards, gardens and schools, as well as create their own compost.


Our solution, agrovoltaics, provides food security, creates green jobs and improves the socio-economic conditions of marginalized rural communities in LDCs that have been disproportionately impacted by land degradation, incorporating the dual use of land for both agriculture and for energy that relieves pressure on ecosystems and biodiversity. It provides an effective, efficient and innovative solution to the competition for land use through the creation of synergies between renewable energies and agriculture, while promoting sustainable rural development.

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