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Academy of Hope for Women & Girls

Green Hope Foundation Academy of Hope.png

We have started our first school, in a rural community in Bangladesh - Green Hope Foundation's Academy of Hope for Women and Girls – that is solar-powered and provides education to girls in the mornings and functions as a sewing school for the women in the evenings. In Bangladesh, there’s been a 65% reduction in child marriages in the last 5 years amongst the girls in the 16 villages who are a part of Green Hope Foundation's education programs.

Sustainability Academies

We have devised a unique concept called 'sustainability academies', which are tailor-made workshops and conferences that are led by children and young people, to uncover the drivers of conflict and violence, as well as the dynamics that underpin them, in order to create tangible and feasible interventions that harness education's ability for human and planetary rights across the world.

Creative Modes of Communication

Through our sustainability academies, we work to ensure a paradigm shift that promotes the full realization of an individual's potential to become a changemaker, using creative modes of communication like music, art, dance, drama, sport, eco-fashion, poetry and writing to foster peaceful environments by enabling children to have fun and learn about living in harmony with each other and the planet simultaneously. 

Solar-Powered Mobile Library

Our Solar-Powered Mobile Library is a unique Education for Sustainable Development tool that leverages a combination of clean energy and youth stewardship to provide education to out of school children, especially girls in an ultra-conservative and poverty-stricken community. The mobile library consists of a solar-powered van full of books, a seating space, with lights and fan that provide children a safe space to study even in bad weather. The van travels from village to village with our primarily female youth members from within the community who have been trained by us. They not only distribute books to children, they also read them out and conduct story-telling sessions for young learners or those who cannot read.

Solar-Powered E-STEM Education

Green Hope Foundation is providing e-STEM education to the migrant children, especially the girls, of the Rann of Kutch by building a solar-powered computer lab that provides them with e-STEM education to empower them to become changemakers in their own spheres of influence, which, in turn, will enable them to have a better quality of life and protect the planet at the same time.

Digital Literacy

Green Hope Foundation's Computer Literacy Programme in Liberia provides young people with the tools and skillsets to use digital literacy to get good jobs and uplift their community out of poverty, moving away from a life of drugs and crime. This is our way of bridging the digital divide & providing skills-based education that empowers the youth for their future.

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