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Mangrove Restoration

Green Hope Foundation recognizes the critical importance of mangroves in fighting climate change. Hence, we focus on educating people about mangrove conservation through our sustainability academies, with our mangrove restoration projects ranging from conducting cleanups to mass plantations. So far, we have planted more than 31,000 mangroves and restored over 3000 sq. km of mangrove ecosystems.

Sustainability Academies on Mangrove Conservation
Green Hope Foundation Mangroves ESD Canada.jpeg


Green Hope Foundation Mangroves ESD Sunderbans.jpeg


Mangrove Planting
Mangrove Cleanups

Tree Planting

At Green Hope Foundation, we believe that planting trees is the simplest, yet most effective way to mitigate climate change. That is why we have planted over one million indigenous fruit trees globally, particularly with children and women in vulnerable communities, to empower them to become changemakers, thereby ensuring feminist climate justice.

Just Transition to 100% Renewable Energy

We are driving the just transition to 100% clean and renewable energy using solar energy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create a climate-smart society.

Click below to read more about our work on renewable energy.

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