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Vaccine Production Line


Making Sanitary Napkins for SRHR

Access to menstrual hygiene and awareness is a basic human right. It also forms an integral part of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Hence, we, at Green Hope Foundation, are making sanitary napkins for the women of vulnerable, rural communities who do not have access to SRHR or menstrual hygiene.

Community Farming for Mental Wellbeing

We understand how nature facilitates mental wellbeing and hence, we use our community organic farming programme as a tool to improve mental health, leading to collective healing amongst children, where they are able to connect with nature and each other in a peaceful environment that brings about joy and happiness.

Distributing Solar Cookers

As part of Green Hope Foundation Women's Health Initiative, we have distributed solar cookers to the women & girls of a rural community in Western India. Previously, these women & girls used to burn firewood to cook, which negatively impacted their health, causing severe respiratory illnesses. Now, these solar cookers are improving their health tremendously. The solar cookers have the additional benefit of being climate-smart, which is reducing pollution levels in their village & aid in the creation of a net-zero circular economy.

Good Health & Access to Sanitation

We are ensuring the creation of healthy societies by providing access to proper hygiene and sanitation in rural communities, especially their women and girls whose unique health needs and wants often get ignored.

Click below to read more about our work on hygiene and sanitation.

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